We Accept:

Books, toys, games with all pieces, puzzles with all pieces, costumes, ALL SEASON CLOTHING, outdoor fun, room decor, educational items, backpacks, diaper bags, purses, hats, clothing assessories. Stuffed animals must be known characters (Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Clifford.....), Build a Bear, Beannie Babies or BRAND NEW. All stuffed items must be CLEAN AND FREE OF PET HAIR OR ODORS! *********PLEASE NOTE SOME NEW ITEM LIMITS PER CONSIGNOR NUMBER********* For NB-6M Clothing -30 tags of hanging clothing. Please bundle items. Each Consignor only gets 30 labels for these items per gender. JUNIORS/TEENS -30 tags per gender of hanging clothing.NO Exceptions. BOOKS -Please try to bundle smaller and thinner books. 35 total tags for books. Bundles sell better. -NO TEXT BOOKS!! MATERNITY -20 tags of hanging maternity items. Want to sell it but not sure we accept it? Text Kristy at 719-201-0407 or email at kristy@rhealana.com PLEASE NOTE: CONSIGNORS MAY BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL SORTING FEE IF YOU EXCEED THESE LIMITS OR BRINGS AN EXCESSIVE AMOUNT OF HIGH PRICED ITEMS!

We Don't Accept:

We cannot accept: Used underware no matter condition, VHS Tapes, Used pacifiers or nipples, Breast pumps (accessories will still be accepted), Older editions of What To Expect books, Text Books Prom Dresses